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We specialise in crafting unique, engaging, and impactful brand designs that connect with your target audience in meaningful ways. We don’t stop at logos; we take a holistic approach to create a visual identity that truly represents your business/brand. We believe that effective brand design should authentically capture the essence of your business/brand while resonating with your audience on multiple levels.

For simplicity, when we say “business/brand,” we mean anything you’re marketing or promoting – whether it’s a company, a cause or service, a product, personality, message, event, or even your artistic creations.

Think of brand design as the rock-solid foundation of your entire visual presence. It helps you communicate what makes your business/brand special and forge a meaningful connection with your target audience. We’re here to make sure that connection is authentic, engaging, and downright awesome.

With a focus on authenticity, connection, and engagement, we can help you harness the full potential of your business/brand. Together, we can create a brand design that is perfectly suited for your business/brand and your target audience, capturing the very essence of what makes your business/brand special.

At Positive Promotions, we understand the profound impact of brand design, and we are driven by our passion to craft brands that inspire trust, foster loyalty, and gain instant recognition. You can count on us to pour our heart and soul into creating or revamping an amazing brand design for your business/brand. Trust us, we’ve got you covered.

Our brand design packages are competitively priced and based on the actual time we spend producing amazing results for you.          

Let’s embark on this creative journey together and bring your business/brand to life. Get in touch with us today, and let’s kickstart your exciting brand design adventure!

Further Information

Brand Design – Further Information

Gone are the days when logos alone could capture the essence of a business/brand. In today’s increasingly sophisticated world, we understand the importance of creating a complete visual identity.

Brand design encompasses the holistic creation of visual elements that go beyond a logo. It’s about crafting an overall style, theme, and messaging that come together to establish a comprehensive visual identity. Every business/brand has a visual identity that profoundly impacts its target audience, whether they realise it or not.

Our mission? To ensure that your brand design makes a POSITIVE IMPACT on your target audience, creating appeal and fostering engagement.

To us, an effective brand design achieves two fundamental goals:

  1. It authentically captures the essence of business/brand and expresses this within its visual identity.
  2. It forms meaningful connections with its target audience, generating a positive impact and appeal that inspires engagement with the business/brand.

These principles guide us in every brand design endeavor we take on for our clients.

Cohesion, or consistency, is a vital aspect of brand design. Once the design process is complete, it’s essential to implement the brand consistently across all touchpoints. To ensure the integrity of your brand, we provide a branding style guide that outlines guiding principles for both external providers and internal staff. This way, your brand remains cohesive and recognisable, no matter who’s using it.

At Positive Promotions, we specialise in crafting unique, meaningful, and engaging brand designs for businesses, organisations, products, events, individuals, and artists. Our goal is to connect with your audience and maximise engagement and appeal, ultimately create a POSITIVE IMPACT!

When it comes to designing your brand, we bring together creativity, intuition, and strategic processes. We understand that each brand has its own distinctiveness, and we take the time to truly understand your business/brand and its target audience.

In addition to brand design, we’re here to lend a hand with developing your brand’s messaging and overall brand management whenever the need arises.

We are committed to helping your business/brand thrive and achieve its goals. Our most powerful tool in this regard is creating a comprehensive and cohesive brand design that’s handcrafted specifically for your business/brand and its target audience.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s get started on your journey to create an amazing brand design!

Brand Design Packages

Brand Design Packages

Our Brand Design services are packaged with a tailored range of inclusions based your needs. Your brand design can be implemented over a period of time or all at the same time, though it is important to try to include the most highly used materials in your initial brand design package.

All Brand Design packages include:

  • Design of main logo and brand design concepts including overall style, secondary design elements, typography etc. (See our process below)
  • Business card design
  • At least one other item from the list below
  • Supply of all logo and branding elements in all web and print formats
  • Complete brand style guide, that outlines the guidelines of how to use the brand design and elements to ensure integrity and cohesion of the brand design when its being used either by internal staff or external suppliers.

From there we can create a customised packages with additional branded items for you such as:

  • Social media graphics
  • Website
  • Signage design
  • Brochures or flyers
  • Posters
  • Online or printed advertisements
  • Letterhead
  • Invoices
  • Menu

and any other digital or printed material you require to be branded.

The more that you include with your brand design package the more you will save as we are able to offer discounts on the whole body of work which will make the overall cost significantly less than if we were engaged to design each item as a separate project.

Our Brand Design Process

Our Brand Design Process


  • Assess your current brand design and promotional material.
  • Get to know the business, organisation or product.
  • Get to know the owners/managers of the brand and their values, goals and vision.
  • Understand the industry you work within and key competitors.
  • Understand your target audience.


  • Design focussed concepts (incorporating the research above) for a main logo in which the overall brand design will centre around.
  • Design focussed concepts of overall brand design including secondary elements, tagline/messages, layout, and overall presentation across a variety of promotional material to create a cohesive brand. This will be presented as concepts of at least two items of branded material.
  • Gather client feedback and refine the concepts to completion.
  • Design any stationary or branded promotional material that a client needs for implementing the brand design in the first 3 months or so. This may include digital and/or printed assets.


  • Produce a Brand Design Style Guide in the form of a digital booklet.
  • Supply final artwork and branding elements to the client in a full range of formats for commercial, web and general use.
  • Organise any printing the client would like for us to arrange for them.


  • After the completion of the brand design, we will work with you to help you with implementation and ongoing management of your brand for the first 3 months. Ongoing brand management is an additional service we offer for a more long-term solution. Read more here.

Brand Design Gallery

In the “Our Work” section you find overviews and images of some of our favourite projects!